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Eva Fraser Facial Fitness Programme
What Is Facial Fitness?
Facial Fitness is often referred to as a natural face lift. The Eva Fraser Facial Fitness Programme is a structured series of exercises for both women and men that helps tighten, lift and firm the face.
With the Eva Fraser method you will tone and strengthen the facial muscles and dramatically take years off your appearance.

Click the video to watch Eva talk about how Facial Fitness works on "This Morning" TV Show.  Eva is living proof that these exercises unquestionably work.
About Carolyne
Why I Was Attracted to Facial Fitness 
An Evening Standard article in 2008 caught my eye ‘The Reason Madonna looks 10 years younger’.

On reading the article it explained how on exercising the facial muscles you could tone and strengthen the facial muscles just like you do when working out the body.

Having always been a keen natural health and fitness fanatic, believing in mind and body wholeness, this made complete sense and for me was the last piece in the jigsaw. Working out the bit everybody sees to maintain a youthful look.

I qualified as an accredited Eva Fraser Facial Fitness Practitioner in 2011 and practice from my private studio in Northamptonshire. I want to help women look as wonderful as they can.

A Natural Facelift 

Ageing is not merely a skin problem. The skin is attached to the facial muscles, and consequently when the muscles become weak and less firm, eventually drooping and sagging, the attached skin also sags.

The best way to remedy this is to work these facial muscles in a structured way, improving and maintaining the muscle tone.
Practicing Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Method will give you a natural face lift, as well as the skills to maintain a fit face for your lifetime.

There are about 57 muscles in the face which lengthen as we age, until everything ends up in the neck area.

Practising Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Method will give you a natural face lift as well as the skills to maintain a fit face for life.

To gain the best results, we recommend you practice daily for 15-20 minutes per day

how To Book Your Facial Fitness Course 
Lessons are by appointment only and take place in a private studio in Sibbertoft, Market Harborough. 

The course consists of FOUR individual lessons that need to be booked a minimum of 3 weeks apart (in order for you to correctly master each stage of the exercise programme and strengthen the muscles before moving onto the next level).

You can purchase one session at a time or book the full course of FOUR techincal facial fitness coaching sessions.

To Schedule Your Appointment 

1) Click the appointment link above, fill in your details and I will contact you as soon as possible 

2) Call me direct on 07919253391

Single session 
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Full course 

or 4 Monthly Payments of £99

Includes 3 Refresher Sessions 

Of all the anti-ageing approaches this was easily the most onerous. But Joan Rolls, Vogue‘s fashion advertising director, loved the idea of exercising her face firm again. 

“It seemed a more positive reaction to ageing than resorting to scalpels and syringes.” A natural fitness enthusiast, she found the lessons “exactly like having a personal trainer” and embarked on them with gusto just weeks before her fortieth birthday.
Eight months later, she says her whole face feels different. “The flesh definitely doesn’t feel as floppy. My cheeks are higher, plumper and rounder and my jawline firmer.” (Vogue)

EVA SAYS “No woman of 60 should look old,” she says.

“So many women look in the mirror and hate what they see and this lack of confidence colours their whole life. If you put the time in, it will work for everyone and the beauty is that it is entirely natural’

Without having seen Eva I would have been sceptical but she is living proof it really does work and she couples this with an incredibly upbeat attitude to life.

Heredity plays a large part in determining how individuals age, says Dr David Fenton of the St John’s Institute of Dermatology at St Thomas’s Hospital. “Much is down to luck. But from what I’ve seen of Eva Fraser’s work, there is no doubt it appears to have some effect. I’ve had patients who have been to her, and there is no doubt that there is a visible change. 
If you spend about seven minutes a day exercising your facial muscles, you stay looking 20 years younger. Vanessa Wilde